lock-156641_1280A simple definition of a locksmith is one who deals with lock and key. However when one takes it as a profession then it is called black smiting. The locksmith is able to fix broken locks He is also able to install security systems like alarms. In some countries locksmiths are called apprentice and for this they need to go to a college or university to obtain the diploma.

The Industrial revolution which began in the   eighteenth century saw an increase in the production of locks. The production was highly sophisticated. The lever tumbler lock was invented in the year seventeen seventy eight. The dual acting lever lock requisite the lever to be raised to a certain stature by having a slot incise in the lever. In the year eighteen twenty an improved design of locks were being produced and it did not need a regulator key to reset the lock.

The double acting pin tumbler lock was granted patent to an American physician. However the modern Yale lock is considered the most developed lock in the world. The majority of locks that are produced in the world over are of the Yale variant.

Types of locks:

There are various types of locks and that are used in various situations. Let us consider now a few locks which are used in our daily life.

Bicycle Lock:

bicycle-1313892_1920This is basically used with the intention of keeping one’s bicycle safe. It is noticed that unless both the wheels are locked, one can easily unlock the wheel. Thus we have the U lock system which is a rigid metal ring in the shape of the alphabet U. In this one locks it physically to some object like a parking meter or pole. The U types of locks are more secure as they cannot be cut into. However if a thief can insert a jack he can produce enough leverage to break open the lock.

Child safety lock:

10pcs-lot-Baby-font-b-Safety-b-font-font-b-Drawer-b-font-font-b-childThis type of lock is intended to keep the child safe from harm. These types of locks are normally installed in cupboards, cabinets Young children are curious to explore and so it is with this intention that these locks have been developed. There have been many cases where children have climbed and opened cabinets containing medicines and have resulted in poisoning. Cabinets use an inexpensive device which can be easily installed and prevents easy opening of the cabinet. There is a bendable plastic rod with a blunt hook on one side. The hook catches’ the part of the door and does not allow the door to open. It has been noticed that this device is useful for people having pets.

Luggage Locks:

camera-514992_1920There is no one in this world who would like their luggage to be robbed on a journey. That is why the luggage lock was invented. These are low security locks. These locks are small in size and are easy to clip on. Luggage locks are based on the pin tumbler lock design using only three or four pins.